Beauty Treatments

Skin Treatments

Hunnii Skincare


Brows and Lashes

  • Henna Brows                           Natural Alternative Tint                   40
  • Brow Tint                                              Ombre' Blend                     15
  • Brow Shape                                   Honey Wax Removal                   15
  • Lash Tint                                                                                      20
  • E.B.S Trio                         Brow Shape, Lash and Brow                     40

Honey Waxing

  • Lip                                                                         15mins              15
  •   Chin                                                                        15mins             20  
  • Cheek Blending                                                       20mins             20
  • Face Trio   (Lip, Chin, Cheeks)                                  40mins             40
  •  Underarms                                                              25mins              30 

Beauty & the Beach Facial

Using the most Natural, vegan ethical products ever sourced and made in New Zealand- your skin will be transformed within 60 minutes 

B&B Facial will infuse your layers with the most powerful, beneficial and healing products available on earth, AND we will leave out all the hidden ingredients.

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil base treatment is utterly divine. 

You deserve the use of HUNNII Skincare and a moment in time to rewind. 

So lets get you started on serious skin love and Book Now for 

*Beauty and the Beach Facial


*Gift Beauty and the Beach x2 and save 30


Signature Massage

45 min +     50 

60min +    80

HUNNII Signature Massage is custom to your body's needs.

Certified in Therapeutic Swedish Remedial and Pressure Point Healing Massage

Allow your muscles to releax back into soft position of your Natural Structure.

with Over 8 years of hands on experience in Muscle Manipulation, 1 on 1 Yoga and Skeletal Alignment.

HUNNII has the ablility to assist in the Physical and Bio Scalar healing fields of the human body

it is advised to BOOK an appointment as soon as you realize the following:

  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Back Pain
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Neck and Shoulder Tension
  • Depression
  • Knee and Joint Issues
  • Over thinking - Negative Self Talk
  • Muscle Pain and Tension
  • Sciatica Issues
  • Post Pregnancy
Back Shoulder and Neck on first initial booking.
On completion; Your masseuse will advise what other areas will be worked on in following appointments.

Please note*  Your health is taken with the utmost respect and highest priority at HUNNII Beauty Therapy

Your masseuse is highly capable and educated to help you assist many health issues in your human body. Feel free to discuss these at the beginning of your appointment.  Being a Healthcare Professional you are in a safe and confidential industry. We are not General Practitioners, we are qualified, educated and experienced in the Human Body, Muscle, Nutritional, Energy and Skeletal System. We can assist healing throughout the body however we can not diagnose medical conditions or a prescription.

We work in the Well Being Healthcare Industry

If you are advised to seek Medical Advise during any massage please take this on board and care for your own well being promptly.

Na Maste'